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Meet the newest member of the Garage Woolery family of cars!  This is a 1966 Porsche 912 which used to belong to a member of the Pauter family.  The Pauter’s are very well known petrolheads, owners of the famous Pauter Machine Company in San Diego, CA which makes high performance engine parts.  This Porsche was a daily driver for the family up until about ten years ago when it was parked and covered in one of their garages in fine running condition.  It stayed there until a few weeks ago it was offered to Garage Woolery at a price we couldn’t refuse, a great deal for an early short wheelbase, long hood Porsche 912!

This car is almost completely original, rust free, with all the original & unequiped parts (steering wheel, wipers, mirror, etc) included in the sale.  The interior is in excellent shape, too!  It isn’t in its original Aga Blue color, though, as it has been repainted some time ago prior to storage.  We’ll be going through the car ensuring everything is refreshed and up to par before we try starting the engine…we don’t expect any surprises there.

The engine bay looks pretty good for a car stored for ten years…We weren’t able to spot any rust on the car…

Check out the interior, it’s in EXCELLENT nearly like new shape!

We’ll keep you updated with the status of this car as we go through it, get it running, and start the restoration process to bring it back to stock condition.

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