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It seems that Garage Woolery’s next door neighbor is a genuine “little old lady with a classic car” who had noticed the Garage Woolery enthusiasm for cars.  It also just so happens that she had a survivor 1950 Ford Fordor that she no longer wanted…

…so she sold it to us in a for a crazy low price that we could NOT refuse–she practically gave it to us!

Here are some pics of the car, immediately after pushing it down the drive from the next door neighbor’s garage and into the yard.  She says that it was running recently, and all it needs is a new battery to run…

This car is straight and in great condition.  We didn’t spot any dings, dents, or rust anywhere, and even the brightwork and original glass is in good shape!

Notice the vintage plates…

And the interior looks to be in decent shape

And in the engine bay…a vintage flathead V8!

We’ll be putting a little work into getting this Ford back up to snuff as a driver, then you can expect to see it hitting the local classic and hotrod shows soon.

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Today we added a much needed new member to the Garage Woolery family:  The Shop Truck!

This truck is a vintage 1954 Chevrolet 5-window pickup truck.  Except for paint and some newer wiring, everything on this truck is original!  It’s in great shape for its age, though we do plan to go through the mechanicals to ensure everything is up to snuff.  It will be used as a shop truck, too…this beauty will not be a garage queen.  The thing we love most about this truck is the beautiful vintage smell of the interior.  It’s that perfect mix of mohair, oil, old fabric, fuel, and whatnot that gives the car an unmatched aromatic patina.  Expect to see some Garage Woolery logos on the doors soon.


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February Update

Although Garage Woolery generally has enjoyed much nicer weather than most other parts of the nation, we are still wimps at heart.  It’s been too cold and dark to do much work lately!

So, instead of working, we’ve been buying stuff:  For example, we bought this cute little number in December:  A 2006 Lotus Exige

We found this beauty with only 3,000 miles on the odometer and in immaculate showroom condition.  Even the undercarriage was still spotless and shiny!  After some skillfull negotiations we were able to buy this car at an incredible price that we couldn’t refuse…and it’s been added to the Garage Woolery collection.  This particular Exige is equipped with the Track Pack, limited slip differential, and traction control.  For more pics of the Lotus Exige, please visit the picture gallery on the Lotus Exige page on this site.

We recently had the pleasure of a nice warm weekend, so we took advantage of the weather and pushed the Pitcrew Roadster out for some more work on the glass fastback project.  This time we concentrated on the driver’s side quarter window foundation, and got it to the point where we could set the glass into the top for initial fitment.  Here you can finally see a daytime picture of the Pitcrew Roadster with the fastback and the glass installed! 

There’s a lot more work to be done, but at least you can see some of the lines the fastback and glass will have.  For more pics, please see the Pitcrew Roadster page gallery.

We even did some work on the Ariel Atom this week, installing upgraded 17×9 rear wheels shod with Toyo R888 275/45/17 tires.  This upgrade adds 100mm (that’s ~4 inches!) of width to the rear of the car and has been track proven to increase the Atom’s ultimate grip, handling performance, and reduce lap times by reducing power on oversteer.  It also makes the Atom look EVIL!  Sorry, no pics yet–we have some other developments which we want to implement before we do a reveal later this spring (hint:  more CF upgrades).  Stay tuned!

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Garage Woolery has started a Twitter account!  If you’re interested in getting up to the minute Tweets from Garage Woolery, simply subscribe to garagewoolery

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UPDATE:  We just purchased a second pair of turn plates for the rear, too.  That way we can do full alignments to the front and the rear of the car without having to swap turnplates, raise the car, etc!

Garage Woolery has scraped together enough pennies to acquire a set of Longacre scales, levelers, and turn plates!

The scale system consists of four scales linked together to a central computer readout which will display the car’s weight, the weight on each corner, and the percentage of the weight distribution across the car.  All that information is displayed on a handy central display.

The turn plates will allow for adjustment of toe and camber without having to lift the car off the scales.  It has freedom of movement along two axis and can rotate at the same time, so no binding of suspension components!

This system will allow us to weigh, corner weigh, and adjust front alignment while still on the scales (no need to jack up the car).  Now we just need to save up for some camber/caster/toe adjustment tools so we can do full alignments and cornerweighing during Garage Woolery tech days!

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Word on the ‘net is that the newest 2010 issue of the CR.NET calendar has been released!  To get info and get your copy of the calendar, go here:


Good quality calendar full of cool professional pics!  I got mine, get yours too!

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Denizens of Garage Woolery regularly go to attend the KINOD meets in Southern California.  This weeks rainy weather prevented the KINOD meet from meeting at its usual outside venue;  so instead KINOD came to Garage Woolery and was held indoors.

The meet was held in the garage at first…some hints into the current Pitcrew Roadster’s fastback project were leaked…

Good company, bad movies…

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