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So after a few years of constant interruptions by life, aquisitions, expansions, etc…we were finally able to get back to the Pitcrew Roadster’s custom fastback project.  Over the past month we were able to finish up all of the structural changes that would finally allow us to install the custom auto glass, and mounted the glass this past weekend.

Now that the glass is installed, we can do the finishing work that will make the fit and finish on this top perfect.  Then it’s off to paint!

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Yesterday we visited Blackbird Fabworx in Northridge, CA to have a custom windshield header bar fabricated for the Pitcrew Roadster.  Moti did a great job turning our ideas into reality.  This modification essentially turns the existing Hard Dog Hardtop rollbar into a 7-point street semi-cage.  Do do this mod required welding captured nuts into the windshield header to distribute the loads over a larger area, as well as fabricating a custom mounting pad and welding it to the main hoop of the roolbar.  It does a great job adding stiffness to the body, eliminating all cowl and windshield header vibration.

Here are some pictures of the mounting points.  Notice the bolts that hold the front of the brace.  These are bolted into nuts that have been welded into the windshield frame so that the stresses are dispersed over a wider area.  The rear view mirror screws are not placed under any stress at all, they still only hold the mirror in place.

The rear mount uses four allen bolts to a plate with welded nuts inside the mount.

This bar will not only act as a chassis brace, but will also be used to secure the G-String bikini top instead of the PVC tube that comes with that top.  The bar is also a bolt in affair, allowing it to be easily removed.  These pics show the bar in its unpainted state, but it is being sent out to be powdercoated for a nice finish.  Once it’s back in place, new SFI padding and a leather cover will be fitted to the rollbar again.

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We had the opportunity to upgrade the black leather Lotus Elise seats in the Pitcrew Roadster to red leather Elise seats.  Considering the Lotus inspired exterior colors, we just couldn’t turn away from these!

We’ll be adding some more red to the interior to match the seats later.  We’re thinking red carpet (removeable with snaps), and red leather door bolsters & dash crash pad.

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Just in time for spring, the Pitcrew Roadster has received a new custom G-String bikini top from Project G!  Project G was running a group buy on these tops, and we couldn’t help but ordering one in custom matching colors for the car.  It keeps the sun off the shoulders during hot days, and is very lightweight!

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If you’ve been following the Pitcrew Roadster news, you may remember that we were working with Art2Part to make some trim rings for the Garage Vary taillight kit that’s available for Miatas.  Well, there has been progress and the trim rings are now in production!

Here are some pics of the process…

Here we see a trim ring being set up on the CNC machine to have it’s curved outside radius cut.

The trim ring before trimming…

Being cut on the CNC machine…

And after the outside radius has been cut.

The trim rings are then deburred by vibrating them in a container full of walnut shells.  This removes the machining marks and prepares the pieces to be polished.  The walnut shells are soft enough to clean up the rings without causing pitting in the soft aluminium.

The resulting product after all the machining and deburring…

The trim rings go through several steps in their manufacture. despite their simple appearance, they’ve been designed specifically to fit the Garage Vary lenses perfectly.  Note the rear of the trim ring where screw perches have been machined into the rear of the ring so that it positively seats on the lens.


And how it looks when seated on the taillight lens…beautiful.

The pieces are still being machined, and have yet to be sent out to be polished and anodized.  Once those tasks are done, they will be sent out to Garage Woolery enthusiasts!

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The replacement for the cracked rear glass piece arrived today.  It’s a pretty close match for the first piece…there’s always a little bit of variation in these custom made pieces, so it’s a good thing that this piece so closely matches the original.  All that’s needed is a little more sanding work to make this piece fit perfectly.

Things are starting to meld a bit now.  Hopefully we won’t break any more glass pieces!

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Today we laid the beginnings of the passenger side quarter window foundation using bondohair.  This fiberglass reinforced filler will give strength back to the fastback as well as act as a base for the quarter window glass.

Notice the exposed foam underlayer at the middle/top of the glass opening.  The foam acts to support the bondoglass and prevents too much bondoglass from being used, keeping added weight to a minimum.

…and the exposed foam is now covered in a thin, yet strong layer of fiberglass reinforced bondo.

The quarter window glass is covered in layers of tape to simulate the thickness of the adhesive which will be used to mount it later.  Here is the glass on it’s first test fit into the  newly recessed quarter glass opening.

The thicker glass, even with extra padding simulating the adhesive, now fits nice and flush into the fastback!

Next, we’ll be working on cleaning up and smoothing out the foundation and the surrounding areas.  Check back soon!

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